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La entrevista de los miercoles: TIMO HANDMADE

Timo es Timor Cohen, y en su tienda de Etsy vende todos los muñecos que hace a mano. Cuida mucho los detalles, y nos gusta mucho, porque es ECO_DESIGN , porque aprovecha todos los retales que encuentra, porque sus muñecos son dulces, cariñosos, originales, hechos a mano con mucho amor, como todo lo que os recomendamos en nualan.

My name is Timor Cohen. I’m 31 and I live in Jaffa, Israel. It’s a port city, and the port itself is only a few minutes walk from my house.

Su nombre es Timor Cohen, y vive en Jaffa, Israel. De madre carpintera y ceramista, incluso costurera, no quedaba mas remedio que convivir con el handmade en su casa, creció rodeada de un montón de materias primas, apenas recuerda la primera vez que se sentó frente a una maquina de coser.

Making things was an integral part of life in the house I grew up in. My mother is a carpenter and a ceramics artist, and it goes without saying she can also sew. So I grew up surrounded by collections of raw materials, and crafting was always a daily thing. I can’t even remember my first time operating a sewing machine – I was probably just a child.

Years later I studied painting in a master class in Israel and Italy, while making a living as a stage designer and at an etching workshop, as well as working with the Israel Museum’s art collections.

Años mas tarde estudio pintura en Israel y en Italia, y para ganarse la visa trabajo como diseñadora de escenarios y en un taller de grabado además de en el Museo de Arte de Israel. Hasta que un día, mientras se mudaba de piso, entre las cajas embaladas encontro una gran colección de telas, de ropa, de sabanas, junto con un montón de botones...es de haber pasado una crisis artística sus dedos se morían por hacer algo y así fue como dio comienzo su pequeña empresa:


Then something happened. I was just moving house, and while packing I’ve discovered I somehow assembled a large textile collection, composed of worn-out clothes and linen, alongside a strange assembly of buttons and the likes.

It was all in the middle of a rather difficult time, artistically speaking. I haven’t been painting for a few months. My fingers simply ached to make something. And I did, and this was the beginning of my small business.

My particular world is a world of details. Connecting thoughts to materials and shapes. So many people and things inspire me, and so many things stimulate my eyes. But I think the house I grew up in was the beginning of it all, and really paved the way for me from infancy- I learned not to fear any material or any creative idea.

With this as my starting point, everything is possible and everything is inspiring

That being said, a new project always begins with the material itself. I don’t have any established routine besides that. Each new project or design asks for something different from me and from my work environment.

I have two studios, one dedicated to painting and includes everything that can be put on canvas, wood or paper, and the other is dedicated to dolls. This means it contains mainly textile (never synthetic) and threads.

The main techniques are sewing in the machine, sewing by hand and printing, but this too can change. I love meddling with techniques just as much as I love playing with materials.

My studio is now my main source of livelihood, though I sometimes do some design work for others and still teach painting one day a week. I sell stuff through the studio itself, in several boutique shops around the world and through Etsy, which is a virtual shop:

Right now I'm especially happy with my "Family dolls" line, because they are different characters that can be put together as families. They come in all skin colors, ages and genders, so that people can assemble any family member they please.

The most charming thing is that people are actually assembling every family model that you can possibly think of: two men and a baby, a single mom and twins, a family that consists of a grandmother, a brother and a sister, or of a dark-skinned father, and oriental mother with three children. Sometimes I even get an order for just a “commonfamily, with uncles, neighbors and a dog.

it’s always a delight to see that love really does come in all shapes and colors.

Another product I'm particularly fond of is my tactile book. It's made solely of textile, and inspired by a fabric book my grandmother made.
She immigrated to Israel from Germany, and her children were born in a remote village in israel. She had no books for them at the time, so she embroidered the Grimm Brothers' tales for them on a bed sheet.
I hope the books I’m making will also be passed from generation to generation, like the one she made.

Su mundo lleno de detalles, conecta materiales y formas. Son muchas las personas y las cosas que le inspiran y estimulan su vista. Pero la casa donde se crió es el comienzo de todo y realmente es su infancia y todo lo que aprendió lo que le ha abierto el camino.

En especial el no tener miedo a ningún material ni idea creativa. Y es cierto, con este punto de partida, todo es posible y todo es inspirador ... Un nuevo material es un nuevo proyecto, junto con su maquina de coser y su impresora, conviviendo con los pinceles y los lienzos a Timor le encanta jugar con los materiales y crear. Sus favoritas las que pertenecen a la colección de “familias” , hay un montón para elegir, como miembros puede tener una familia, y tipos de familia existen, porque el amor viene en todas las formas y de todos los colores.

Otro producto del que está especialmente encariñada de su libro táctil. Está hecho sólo de materia textil, e inspirado en un libro de tela que su abuela hizo.Emigró a Israel procedentes de Alemania, y sus hijos han nacido en una remota aldea en Israel. Ella no tenía libros para ellos en aquellos tiempos, pero les bordo los cuentos de los hermanos Grima en una sabana.

Y espera que los libros que está haciendo también pasen de una generación a otra.

I would describe my work as detailed ,obsessed, socialy open minded , one of a kind, ecological … Hopefully ageless, too.

This is also how I’d like my work to be percieved.; high-quality hand made And suitable for all genders

I feel that in painting you have to mix the colors on the palette and in the world of fabrics the palette is ready, and you only need to look for connections. It’s also nice not to have to be practical in my designs (like one must be when designing clothes or furniture). When a product doesn’t have to meet any practical need, it allows for a lot of freedom – and it also leaves room for the owner to decide how to relate to it.

My name is Timor and the selected name to the studio (after much thought) isTIMO-HANDMADE the name TIMO is the nickname my sisters gave me in childhood .

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aroaschwandt dijo...

Me gusta muchísimo. Le voy a echar un vistazo!

Chica dijo...

Tiene cosas muy divertidas, me gusta.

Yo Missmita dijo...

muy original, me ha gustado mucho :) besos!

Regina (Farfala) dijo...

Todo un artista. Me encanta. Un besito.

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